Hair Loss Cover-Ups

Some people prefer to cover things up – whether its a mess on the floor (throw a carpet over top of it), a government scandal (diversionary tactics, shredding evidence, false evidence, stretching the truth), investment scandals (like Bre-X or Enron – times when people thought pursuing something other than the truth (ie. deception) was the best option), or lying about just about anything.

These people expend tremendous amounts of energy trying to avoid the truth of the matter, for reasons they evidently believe to be worthwhile. Apparently, simply facing the truth is not considered to be a good idea.

Baldness Cover-Ups

Similarly, when faced with the reality of having fewer hair than their peers or an old photo, some people prefer to cover things up. Whether its laser hair surgery, toupees, a wicked-awful comb-over, or something else, these people pursue something other than the truth (ie. deception) in an attempt to “make things better.” Apparently, simply facing the truth is not considered to be a good idea.

There are Suckers, and Then There’s You

People who fall for the idea that covering up their beautiful bald heads is smart are Suckers. They have been duped into thinking that people won’t notice (which they will), that everything will be normal and easy (which it won’t), and that they will look better as a result of their hair loss cover-up (which they won’t.) Not only that, they will spend countless $’s on weird products and services, ongoing hours in front of the mirror “doing their make-up”, and many completely irreplaceable years worrying about what amounts to an entirely petty and meaningless issue: the fact that they don’t have very much hair on their head. Its just a lack of a bunch of stupid hair!

Considering all the options available to vibrant people for interesting things to do and think about (travel, arts, gadgets, people, kids, sports, dogs, etc.), worrying about 10-20 square inches of LACK is a pretty dumb, narrow, self-obsessed, vain personal priority. Of course, you may feel differently, which is your choice.

When I’m dead, the last thing I want people to say about me is, “Yeah, he sure was a good guy – especially the way he spent the last 60 years of his life worrying about his hairline. Now that was admirable.”

Still, Some People ARE Suckers

Regardless of what anyone says or does, some people will insist on being Suckers. Maybe they were teased too much as a child, or maybe they just like playing with makeup. Either way, its not my job to judge. I’m just hoping to help people on the fringe of Sucker-ness to finally, for good or for ill, to embrace their baldness and start thinking about something else for a change.

To help highlight some of the things people suckers do to help cover up their baldness, there are several resources here that show some of the market’s current “solutions” to having little hair. Of course, none of these are as effective as saying, “I’m bald and don’t really care about it – I feel like doing something interesting,” but they exist none-the-less.

Hair Loss Information and Common “Baldness Solutions”

These pages each have information about hair loss and baldness strategies:

But What is the True, Time Tested, Eternal Solution to Baldness?

It is simple: baldness is not a problem. Hair Loss is Awesome! Simply realize this is true, and suddenly life will get way better.

Trust me – it happened to me long before I got bald. Knowing my genetics, I came to accept this fact long before I was a teen. That was a long time ago. And guess what? I have never had a bad hair day or a bout of the bald man’s blues since!