Hair Loss Pills

With the many hair loss products in the market today, choosing one that will meet your needs is easier. Having a lot of choices means greater chances for you to achieve your desire to stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth. In addition to shampoos, there are also hair loss pills that you can take. Here are some of the top choices.

  1. Procerin: a tablet that is taken twice daily to treat hair loss in males. Since its active ingredients are all natural, Procerin is available over the counter. Considered to be effective in reversing the effects of androgenetic alopecia, this hair loss pill also stimulates hair growth. The ingredients include vitamin, DHT mineral inhibitors and herbs. Users are advised to take one tablet in the morning and one at night. One bottle contains enough tablets for one month and the price is usually $26.95. If you want to enjoy more discounts, you can simply buy in bulk.
  2. Propecia: as the only hair loss pill approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, Propecia is known to be effective in treating male pattern baldness or hair loss, particularly on the top and middle front areas of the head. Also knows as Finasteride, this hair loss pill has been the most popular of all hair loss products. In addition to treating hair loss, Propecia can also improve the symptoms of enlarged prostate and minimize risks of acute urinary retention as well as the need for prostate surgery. Each bottle containing 30 1 mg tablet costs $22.
  3. Dr. Shen’s Herbs Pro Shou Wu: containing Chinese herbs that have been used for many centuries to treat hair loss, Dr. Shen’s Herbs Pro Shou Wu hair loss pills are a natural way to restore your youthful hair. Aside from stopping hair loss on its track, this hair loss pill also makes your hair grow stronger and resilient to breakage. This product costs $19 to $25 per bottle of 200 tablets. Each tablet has a minimum dose of 700 mg and can be taken once daily. If you want an herbal supplement for your hair loss problems, this product is perfect for you.
  4. ProGuard: developed by Canada-based proactive Pharmaceutical and made up of natural ingredients like Palmetto and Urtica diocia, Proguard is a supplement that can stop hair loss in both males and females. Usually taken two times everyday, this hair loss pill comes in a factory-sealed container to ensure authenticity. A bottle of Proguard contains enough pills that are good for 30 days. Each bottle costs $37 and buyers from anywhere in the world can order.
  5. Advecia: as a hair loss pill that contains ingredients like green tea and grape seed extracts, Advecia works by stimulating hair follicles to grow. It also provides nourishment to these follicles ensuring that they do not experience NDF or Nutrient Deficient Follicles. This condition can be prevented with the use of Advecia. It stops hair loss and promotes hair growth. Users should take four capsules each day for at least 180 days to experience the full range of benefits from Advecia.
  6. Hair4Life: a 100% all natural hair loss pill that show visible results after two months use. Hair 4Life also stimulates and promotes the re-growth of hair from dead or broken follicles. It also activates melanocytes, restoring the user’s natural hair color. Considered to be effective in treating hair loss in both men and women, Hair4Life contains ingredients such as pine bark, soy and Gingkgo biloba. These ingredients work to nourish hair follicles and also protect them from further damages, resulting from hair treatments.
  7. HairScripts: clinically-developed to make hair stronger and stop hair loss, HLCCScripts Complete works by blocking DHT. These DHTs are known to attack hair follicles resulting to uncontrollable hair loss. HairScripts contain ingredients such as anti-androgenetic agents, berry extract, ho shu wu and pygeum bark. In addition to its blocking effects, this hair loss pill provides nutrition to your hair, making it resistant to breakage. With no known side effects, HairScripts is considered very safe and effective. In fact, this hair loss pill is 25% more effective than other leading brands.
  8. Folligro: a hair loss pill that is naturally-made up of different herbal ingredients, Folligro is ideal fro women with hair loss problems. These problems are usually the result of stress or hormonal imbalances and can be really traumatic fro most women. Folligro contains fenugreek, which is an herb known for dilating blood vessels; thus stimulating hair growth and renewal. Developed by a Finnish doctor, this hair loss pill has been tested clinically and found to be effective, with a success rate of 80 percent.
  9. Alphactif: considered to be the most popular of all hair loss pills in France, Alphactif Natural Anti-Hair Loss for Women works by providing the precursors of Keratin, the hair’s main component. This hair loss pill comes with two differently-colored tablets, each one taken during the day and night. Alpactif’s main ingredient is marine extract in addition to several vitamins and minerals. People allergic to shellfish are prohibited from taking this hair loss pill. A single pack contains 60 tablets, enough for one month use.
  10. Advanced Shen Min for Women: keeping in mind that hair loss in women is different from men, Shen Min contains ingredients like black cohosh and horse chestnut. This hair loss pill not only stops the thinning of your hair but it also stimulates growth, giving you thick and lustrous hair. Users are advised to take two tablets everyday and should continue to do so for at least three months for lasting results. Each Advanced Shen Min for Women bottle contains 60 capsules and priced at $19.99.