Trying to learn more about a “toupee” topic? Turns out you’re not alone. In fact, LOTS of people look around online in places like Google for info about this topic all the time. Check out what they’re asking about (and what we can learn from others’ searches) below.

What People Look For Online About “Toupee”

Online searches surrounding toupees are surprisingly hilarious. Perhaps proof that the era of toupees is officially at rest, most of the people who look around online for topics related to these cranial carpets are looking for jokes or other proof that attempting to hide hair loss is a really funny, bizarre, and inadvisable way to live!

Some of the funniest searches for toupees include “bad toupee picture”, “william shatner’s toupee robot chicken”, “worst toupee contest” and “toupee jokes”.

However, despite the fact that many people have discovered the fallacy of trying to avoid or cover up their baldness, many searched occur each day buy people who are clearly still wearing these jokes-upon-themselves (things that everyone laughs at except themselves.) With searches such as “toupee tape”, “cocaine and toupees” (speaking of addictions…), “luxury toupee”, and “lace front adhesive toupee”, it would seem that the age of the toupee is still not over!

Celebrity Toupees: Brett Micheals, William Shatner…

Lots of people are wondering whether or not so and so wears a toupee. Some of the biggest names include William Shatner, Jonathan Roberts, Chuck Norris, David Letterman, Charlie Sheen, Howard Stern, Kevin James, and Sam Donaldson.

If I was you, I would not try telling Chuck Norris that he is wearing a toupee. Or Captain Kirk. But especially not Chuck Norris.

Note to People Wearing Toupees:

Special note to any guy still wearing a toupee: Everyone you know and love already knows that you’re wearing a toupee! EVERY SINGLE ONE! They just love you too much to tell you or to make a joke out of it! But they will LOVE YOU EVEN MORE if you drop the rug, make a quick joke about yourself, and get on with your life! Honestly – I have seen this happen several times and EVERY SINGLE TIME the guy and everyone involved end up having a better life!

Don’t be a sucker – enjoy the benefits of having no toupee today!

Popular Questions Which Include the Word “Toupee”

(estimated times these phrases are searched online every day)

  • toupee (70)
  • bad toupee picture (21)
  • toupee tape (19)
  • funny toupee pictures (14)
  • preventing high heels from slipping toupee tape (14)
  • submit toupee photos (14)
  • toupee clips (14)
  • toupee ham (14)
  • toupee jokes (14)
  • william shatner’s toupee robot chicken (14)
  • toupees (12)
  • worst toupee contest (12)
  • cocaine and toupees (10)
  • hair toupee photos (10)
  • hairpieses and toupees for sale (8)
  • linda shell bills toupee (8)
  • bad toupee photos (7)
  • jonathan roberts toupee (7)
  • lace front adhesive toupee (7)
  • bad toupee (5)
  • jonathan roberts toupee dancing with the stars (5)
  • toupee bases china (5)
  • celebrity toupees (3)
  • chuck norris toupee (3)
  • david letterman toupee (3)
  • does charlie sheen wear a toupee (3)
  • does kevin james have a toupee (3)
  • double sided toupee tape (3)
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  • liquid polyurethane for toupees (3)
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